PARIAH – Deus Terminus

This was the 3rd feature that I made with Christian White and Chris Nicini during my time with PRODUCTION H. This was the first part in what was to be a ten part series. This was our first attempt at Special Effects, both digital and practical. Here is a description of the PARIAH universe:

The year is an alternate 1868. The GOD of the OLD TESTAMENT rips a hole in the sky and reveals himself to all mankind. He brings forth a simple message: ‘humble yourselves before me or perish; for I am the one true lord of heaven and the creator of that which you call LIFE.’ Two thirds of the world are killed instantly from the sheer psychic weight of this event, the voice of GOD. Those who survive break into two camps. The first and dominant party, those who choose to kneel, bow to the voice and serve it unto their deaths. The rest are those who choose not to go quietly. They are branded ‘Heathens’. They form in hiding, focusing all technological understanding and scientific development on to one thing alone. The salvation of empty space. The escape.

Ten years later, the first starship, a 4000 foot atoll called THE GAUNTLET is engineered and built. Soon after, countless other ships leave EARTH for the vacuum, for the stars. Driven off-world and into hiding, most never to be seen or heard from again….

1942. Humanity is scattered to the ends of space. EARTH is poisoned. Dying. Civilization is a memory.
Our story begins at the edge of open space. A dead, red moon called DAEDELON OPUS. A solitary man, NEVILLE, marooned on an abandoned colony waits for the vague hope of rescue, concealing a secret that will soon change the destiny of the rag-tag crew aboard a beat-up starship called REVELATION…

Here is the soundtrack from fellow producer Chris Nicini…


PARIAH – DEUS TERMINUS (2007)  – Composer: Chris Nicini 


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