Production Credits

Adam Gotsens as himself
Anthony Guerrero as himself

Joe Francazio as the creature

Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts II – Tracks 32 and 36

Director of Photography:
Tom Guilmette

Written by:
Joe Francazio

Tom Guilmette
Adam Gotsens
Anthony Guerrero

Edited by:
Tom Guilmette

Directed by:
Joe Francazio

Back in 2008 I made this short film with Director of Photography Tom Guilmette and a couple of actor friends. We made it on a whim with barely any story, no money and just Tom and I for the whole crew. Tom used a great camera setup that featured the Letus camera lens adapter to help give it that “film” look.  We shot it in one afternoon in an abandoned warehouse that Tom knew about. Some how I got rope into playing “the creature” at the end. It was a ton of fun if nothing else.
Here’s some photos I took during the filming of it:
Tom wrote two great blogs about the making of the whole thing with great technical explanations of how we did it.
Here’s a gag reel that Tom put together from the shoot, funny stuff here folks…



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