SLEEPER: Death List

I made this film in 2007 with Christian White and Chris Nicini, all of as working as equals on this one. We shot it in one night at a local motel. This was the first episode of what was going to be a series about a government agent living multiple lives. For me as the main editor it was my experiment with telling a story through non-linear editing. I really liked the way we re-worked Unfortunately we never made any more episodes, Production H imploded shortly after. Here’s a description:

“Imagine if every time you fall asleep, you wake up somewhere else, someone else. Imagine if each time this happens, you lose another piece of who you are, each new step into conciousness caught in a web of confusion, violence and dread. David Dawler, his identity fading into the recesses of his scattered mind, lives this lucid nightmare, this waking dream, fighting the basic human urge to rest for fear that he will end up another step further away from where he needs to be – a place called home, a place burying itself deeper and deeper into his shattered past….”

Here’s The Trailer For The Movie:

SleeperTrailer from Joe Francazio on Vimeo.



Here’s some Photos from the shoot:




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