BIO was built in order to showcase the myriad of projects created by Joe Francazio in the fields of music, film, and prop-building. Below, please find a brief biography of Joe.


A Rhode Island native, Joe Francazio fell in love with art of filmmaking as a young child watching such classic movies as the Star Wars Trilogy and the Indiana Jones series. In the 1980’s, along with a close friend, Joe began his film-making career with Star Trek reenactments and home-made sci-fi films. These early experiences prompted Joe to pursue a college education in the creative arts. In 1997, he earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Mass Communication/Film from Emerson College, focusing on animation and effects. For the past decade, Joe has made a living as a freelance cameraman and audio technician. He primarily covers games for New England sports teams, such as The Boston Red Sox and The Boston Bruins. That said, Joe’s interest in the arts does not stop at film. A passion for song-writing and the guitar has resulted in his involvement in a wide variety of projects. The primary song-writer for numerous bands over the past 18 years, Joe has had the opportunity to record music of his own, perform with noted Doors tribute band “The Unknown Soldiers”, and film concerts and documentaries focusing on local New England bands. Additionally, a dedication to prop-building and film effects has allowed Joe to utilize  sophisticated visuals in his short films and to begin construction on a life-size Droid. Most recently, Joe founded Franco Film Works, an independent production company whose first production, Monster Hunter, was featured at the 2012 Rock n’ Shock Film Festival in Boston, MA.

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